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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 14:56

Hosting a charity event is one of the easiest things to do.

Dooly's will supply you with your own personalized tickets for your event.

There is a $30.00 fee (Deposit) for cost of printing. The deposit will be returned to you if you bring in 30 or more people. There is no charge for this service, as long as you bring in 30 or more people.

If you get less than 30 people attending, the deposit will NOT be returned.

You may print your own tickets, as long as they have this disclaimer on the back of each ticket.

Disclaimer:The ticket price ($20.00) covers your initial buy-in and you receive $1600.00 in poker chips with $10.00 towards the pot and the other $10.00 to the Fund Raiser. Re-buys (unlimited for first hour) are $20.00 for $1600.00 in poker chips, with $10.00 to the pot and the other $10.00 to the Fund Raiser.

Add-ons are available at the end of the first break for $20.00 for $3200.00 in poker chips, with $10.00 to the pot and the other $10.00 to the Fund Raiser.

No shows portion goes directly to the charity.

Book your event at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time, to allow time to sell tickets.

Dooly's has one night (Friday's) a week set aside specifically for charities, so your first step should be to call Dooly's and see what dates are available.

Once you have a date, call Topsail Road to book that date and to get the number to call to give your information for tickets to be printed.

Things you need to know about payouts!

The initial price of tickets is $20.00 (What is considered the Buy-In), $10.00 to the pot and the other $10.00 towards the charity.

There are unlimited $20.00 Re-Buys for the first hour, with $10.00 to the pot and $10.00 to the charity.

At the end of the first break, anyone can Add-on for $20.00 with $10.00 to the charity and $10.00 to the pot.


Note: Any tickets sold where the person does not show, that amount goes directly to the charity, no money goes into the pot.

You may also do as many 50/50 draws that you wish, you must sell those tickets.

Dooly's also has a wheel for doing spins, you can get donations to do spin tickets, or do 25¢ for $25, 50¢ for $50, etc. spins as well, these spins would be dependent on your charity to sell tickets during the event.

There are regular drink specials in effect for that night as well.

So, the hardest thing for your organization to do is sell tickets, easier said than done. You should try to sell as many tickets as possible, try not to take peoples word for coming (saying they'll get their ticket the night of, etc.) or use social media (Facebook, Twitter) to determine the amount of people you may have showing up, history has shown that for every 100 people who say they are coming on Facebook, only 1-2 people actually show up. Please keep this in mind when selling your tickets.

This is not a regular Poker night at Dooly's Topsail Road, there will not be any regulars that show up for this game.

Below are a sample ticket (Front and Back)






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